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#32: Implant Memory Chips in Our Brains | Dangerous Ideas | Big Think.

In a futurist perspective, these ‘chips’ will allow us to ‘google’ just by thinking, someday. It is only a matter of time, consider the following:

Voice recogition was once poor for a machine, now it’s matured. With voice recognition software you can perform searches just by talking. For example, Vlingo’s voice software on Blackberries and other mobile devices.

Visual recognition, while poor now, it’s expanding quickly.  For example Google’s new image search can discern differences in color with the help of quantum computing. It’s probably not a far fetched idea to assume we’ll be able to ‘Google’ just by looking at something soon.

Mind recognition is at a infantile state. There are some experimental ‘mind-reading’ caps that aren’t invasive in development, even a toy. Invasive  mind-machine interfaces have been around for some time and, while barbaric, interfaces between neurons and transistors have become much more symbiotic. By nature they are similar.

Advances in this technology will also revitalize people with physical disabilities and paralysis. Prosthetics will become more integrated with the available nerves. As we learn to interpret our own bioelectronic signals we can design a more compatible and less invasive system. And it would be nice to google by thinking about it.


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